Concept by Dylan Cooper
Programming by Ryan Cooper

Special thanks to all content contributors:

Sound Credits:
All sounds incorporated into Dungeon Maze were acquired from under a Creative Commons license.
  • trettfilms
  • robinhood76
  • alvinwhatup2
  • felix-blume
  • d-w
  • starblazer64
  • darthrevan182
  • primeval-polypod
  • anton
  • diamondsoul
  • drewkelly
  • aerror
  • soundslikewillem
  • kiddpark
  • julian-matthey
  • spookymodem
  • aquachannel
  • alsarcoli007
  • carloscav
  • corsica-s
  • nanakisan
  • xtrgamr
  • geerose
  • georgke
  • inspectorj
  • zenithinfinitivestudios
  • zuben
  • tec-studios
  • primordiality
  • the-baron
Image Credits:
Some imagery incorporated into DungeonMaze was acquired from under a Creative Commons non-attribution license.
Some imagery incorporated into DungeonMaze was acquired from as licensed stock photography.

Character / Avatar Credits:
The character / avatar images appearring in DungeonMaze are generated by the online SVG generator tool.

Programming Credits:
Built with ASP.NET, SQL, Javascript & JQuery.
Maze Building Credits:
Mazes were designed by Dylan Cooper & friends.
If you love building mazes, click here to apply to become a maze admin! Request Administrative Access
Just let me know your gamer tag and I will set you up to build new mazes.
Testing Credits:
Testing provided by Dylan and his friends.
Dungeon Maze incorporates user uploaded imagery & files. If your content has been used without your permission, please submit a Content Removal Request or Attribution Request