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MazeShortest PathFastest TimeMost Courage
1)Mini Maze3 Moves by Argo7 sec. by Argo2161 XP by Argo
2)Halls of Mystery40 Moves by Argo64 sec. by makeITrain1103072 XP by Argo
3)Meandering Walk136 Moves by Yoda811 sec. by Yoda1537 XP by Yoda
4)Caverns of Darkness778 Moves by Argo31 sec. by Argo4270 XP by Argo
5)Halls of Madness1371 Moves by Yoda65 sec. by Argo15719 XP by Yoda
7)Super Maze262 Moves by Argo8 sec. by Argo5111 XP by Argo
8)The Deeping168 Moves by Yoda433 sec. by Yoda2184 XP by Yoda
9)Catacombs of DespairUnbeaten!
10)The Elder Labyrinth4 Moves by prisoner45 sec. by prisoner51261 XP by prisoner
11)The Dearth of Hope559 Moves by Mr. Who27 sec. by Argo8259 XP by Argo
13)The Badlands1030 Moves by Jasili93 sec. by Argo11006 XP by Jasili
14)WaterWorld395 Moves by Argo34 sec. by Argo4188 XP by Argo
15)The Cursed Coast289 Moves by Argo10 sec. by Argo6372 XP by Argo
16)The Twisted Wood1088 Moves by Argo383 sec. by Argo7516 XP by Argo
23)Open Room Test1 Moves by Argo2 sec. by Argo25411 XP by Argo
32)The Chamber of Doom1067 Moves by Argo36 sec. by Argo7435 XP by Argo
46)The Grand Hall2223 Moves by Argo48 sec. by Argo3274 XP by Argo
47)The Maze of Meezing2033 Moves by Argo45 sec. by Argo14990 XP by Argo
48)Tunnels of Madness164 Moves by Argo7 sec. by Argo20160 XP by Argo
50)Dungeon of the Dragon773 Moves by death32 sec. by Argo10382 XP by Argo
52)Test Room701 Moves by Argo59 sec. by Argo3400 XP by Argo
54)Times Edge1235 Moves by Argo51 sec. by Argo26238 XP by Argo
56)The Dark Path504 Moves by Argo11 sec. by Argo3119 XP by Ragnor
65)Halls of Insanity342 Moves by deeman55 sec. by Argo7077 XP by Argo
66)Wells of Redemption4792 Moves by Argo115 sec. by Argo8042 XP by Argo
67)Fortune Palace6620 Moves by Argo172 sec. by Argo3251 XP by Argo
68)Echo Skull Palace 131 Moves by Argo39 sec. by Argo3930 XP by Argo
69)Space EchoUnbeaten!
71)Night EchoUnbeaten!
73)Maze of Confusion1342 Moves by Argo67 sec. by Argo11584 XP by Argo
75)maze of confusionUnbeaten!
77)Halls of MysteryUnbeaten!
78)Unknown Corridor 297 Moves by Argo147 sec. by Argo7585 XP by Argo
79)Unknown Corridor Unbeaten!
80)Unknown CorridorsUnbeaten!
81)The Chamber Of Doom1101 Moves by death1112 sec. by death10759 XP by death
82)Halls of MysteryUnbeaten!
83)Halls of MysteryUnbeaten!
90)Demons Dark PathUnbeaten!
99)Halls of MysteryUnbeaten!
101)The Deep DelvingUnbeaten!
105)Walls of DeceptionUnbeaten!
106)Catacombs of DeceitUnbeaten!
107)Creeping CorridorsUnbeaten!
108)The big boxUnbeaten!
109)The Terrifying PassageUnbeaten!
110)Halls of MysteryUnbeaten!
112)Maze of DoomUnbeaten!
113)Admin Trial RoomUnbeaten!